• hardygreys

23rd November 2015
10:54 am

Weather Change!

This past week we have experienced a wide variety of weather, from the fog and still conditions to the mild but windy days. As I write this the wind is steadily increasing which usually reduces the number of anglers on the water.
Last week I coached Mr. Duff, who travelled across from Dumfries for his lesson. He wanted to improve his casting because he thought he was putting so much effort into the cast and the presentation of the fly line on the water was far from ideal. I watched him fish for several casts and noticed several things that needed to change. I demonstrated what he needed to do and he said that he found it quite difficult to change from what he was used to doing. However, he stuck to the instructions and the improvement within an hour was tremendous. We moved a little way along the bank and tried his new technique. A lovely Rainbow trout bent his rod and that was netted . A little while later we moved onto a different lake and using a very short line, while standing back from the waters edge he managed to hook and land a Brown trout. At the end of the session, Mr. Duff decided he was enjoying himself so much he would continue fishing for another couple of hours, great!
I met my mate Paul, who lives in Glasgow, at Whinney Loch for a session along with Jimmy from Etal. It rained continuously all five hours we fished. This did not stop the trout from rising and feeding from the surface before lunch time. We all caught fish and I tried out several of Paul’s new patterns. I ended up by returning six fish which took a variety of flies which included beetles, pheasant Tails and Rambo patterns. Jimmy ended up with nine trout, all of which were returned to the loch. He caught his mainly on small cruncher patterns. Paul being Paul had success using dry flies which he tends to fish all the time when he sees fish rising!
Adam booked a lesson for Mark one day at Chatton. It was a first time fly fishing for both of them. Mark had always wanted to try fly fishing and this was a present from his friend. Adam is a keen sea angler and also coarse fishes for carp. They both picked up the casting technique fairly quickly and Adam had a pull but did not realise what was happening until it was to late. However, Mark got a good pull using a small weighted nymph and the trout just peeled line from the reel making it sing beautifully. The line went slack, and I thought the trout had come off but when Mark pulled the slack line in the fish went speeding off again. I was surprised because using barbless hooks the fish are usually lost if they can get any slack line. Eventually Mark got the fish to the net and being his first ever fly caught trout he kept it. Back at the lodge the trout tipped the scales around to three and a half pounds. Both guys were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the session . They both want to organise more lessons! another success story, they are both hooked on fly fishing.
My website,www.bobsmithflyfishing.co.uk has had its annual MOT and lots of new photographs have been added. I have sent out my quarterly newsletter and there is a steady number of requests coming in already for my fishing vouchers for Christmas presents!
Reports from only two fisheries this week:-
Chatton has had a busy week with good numbers of anglers fishing most days. Fish are being caught at all levels, even on dry flies when the conditions are favourable. Twenty five rods fished the heat of the Fritz and Fly competition. The rod average was five fish and the five qualifiers for the final were, Trevor Wadds, Gordon Swain, Scott Nellins, Johnny McMorn and finally Rob Frame.
Thrunton Long Crag has had some big bags and heavy trout bright to their anglers nets. Many anglers are reporting catching well into the teens of fish. These bags have included a fair number of double figure fish. One guy caught twenty seven trout during two visits, and this catch included a fifteen pound trout and three other double figure fish! Another angler caught a blue trout over ten pounds, while another fifteen pound fish was caught on a different day. Successful flies at Thrunton have been, spider patterns, Shipmans buzzers, beetles and hares ears. The Fritz and Fly competition heat is being held here on November 21st. Long Crag lake will be used for the competition but Coe Crag lake will be open to everyone else as usual.
With the nights getting darker sooner please check the fishery websites as closing times are getting earlier almost weekly.