• hardygreys

21st October 2015
10:54 am

What a mixture!

What a mixture this last week has been! At Thrunton Long Crag, on the Coquet, fished Chatton and coached guys, women, British and German people. Add to that several meals out on an evening, and the week just flew by.
I took two guys from the Welsh boarder area to Thrunton for a day. It was very difficult on that particular day as the high pressure system was still dominating the weather. However we were able to iron out some casting problems and enjoyed fishing both lakes. Fishing dry flies the guys had several fish swirling at their flies, a couple were on very briefly but threw the hook within seconds. After lunch they tried the older lake, managing to land a fully finned Rainbow and lost three others after playing them for a while.
The following day the same guys wanted to learn how to Spey cast on the Coquet. They were staying at Thorneyhaugh holiday cottages owned by Michael and Gillian Lishman. When I arrived the rain was coming down rather steadily to put it mildly! In the next cottage, Jed and Michelle were staying for a week. I took Jed onto the Whiteaddder river two years ago where I managed to get him his first ever salmon on his trout rod. Jed and Michelle are now regulars at Thorneyhaugh, as they enjoy it so much.
Anyway the two guys had their own double handed rods but they were far to big for the Coquet. I had my twelve foot double handed Hardy Demon with me and they used that. What a difference they said as soon as they began to cast with it. We spent three hours casting and the river was still low, but starting to rise just slightly and with a hint of colour. We had lunch and bumped into Jed who had fished higher up the beat. He had a few small brown trout but had seen no salmon or sea trout. I said he would probably have a better chance after tea time if the river continued to rise. I took the two guys off to Chatton for the afternoon where, like Thrunton it was difficult on the day. It was another case of nearly getting trout to the net but not quite.
After returning home and going out for a meal with friends, I returned home to find an email from Jed. He had gone back to the river well after tea and had hooked an eight pound salmon. The fish ran the river and stripped all the fly line plus the majority of the backing line from the reel. Jed had to follow the salmon down the river and eventually landed it after a twenty five minute battle. A couple of photographs and the fish swam off after regaining some strength while Jed held it in the flowing water for a while. I was so pleased for Jed because he was there by himself and he managed to be successful. People catching trout or salmon when the coach is there to help is one thing, but for those people to go fishing themselves, enjoy it and be successful well that is JOB DONE!
I had friends visiting from Germany and they wanted to have a fun day fishing at Chatton. Ian and his Wife Jutta fish regularly and fish in France as well as Slovenia. They are both competent anglers. It was a good day for fishing with a few slight light showers. My friends Alan and Jimmy came along too to enjoy a relaxing few hours. Everyone caught fish, Ian got his on Pheasant Tails, Jutta landed three using dry flies, Alan got his on Bloodworm patterns and Jimmy landed his using buzzer patterns. My trout were taken on all sorts, catch a fish, change the fly was the policy!
I had four other coaching sessions later in the week and everyone had their rods bent with trout. Damien had fished before but had difficulty getting any reasonable length of line out. We soon cured that and his first Rainbow ran up and down Ross Lake. He eventually got it to the net and when weighed it tipped the scales around to five pounds. Brian from Arbroath had a super short two hour session where he solved his casting problems and landed four trout too!!
Reports from Chatton say lots of good bags on certain days with two small club competitions. One competition was won with a five fish bag which had a total weight of fourteen and a half pounds. The other competition was won with a heaviest fish of four and three quarter pounds.
Thrunton Long Crag fished really well on some dats too. There were numerous anglers recording sixteen fish bags, while the heaviest trout caught was sixteen and a half pounds. Successful flies here were Zonkers, Bloodworms, Shipmans, Hoppers and Buzzers.
Five sessions booked in for this week and requests have already started for vouchers for Christmas..can not believe some people are so organised!!!