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Fishing Venues

The beautiful countryside of Northumberland and The Borders provide numerous opportunities for excellent fly fishing for all levels of ability and experience.

Local knowledge and good relationships with landowners and fisheries means Bob Smith Fly Fishing is ideally positioned to arrange the perfect day for you.

Bob has a number of private river beats on the River Coquet and River Till. In addition Bob uses some excellent, well managed small & large still waters which are all within an easy travelling distance.

Further details on some of our fishing venues are provided below.

Small Still Waters

  • Chatton Trout Fishery

    Chatton fishery has been open for about ten years and has three lakes, all around three acres in size. The lakes are stocked at least twice each week, sometimes three times in the summer months. The lakes contain Rainbows, Blue & Brown trout to 20lbs.

    The fishery has an excellent reputation and has played host to the Home International Bank Fishing Competition. The fishery attracts anglers from the whole of the north east region as well as Scotland.

    Being classed as a Scottish Water, Chatton anglers DO NOT NEED AN ENVIRONMENT AGENCY ROD LICENCE to fish there.

    The fishing lodge is always staffed and a friendly welcome is assured. Tea, coffee and hot sandwiches can be bought at any time.

  • Thrunton Long Crag

    This fishery opened in 2014 and has two lakes. Both lakes are spring fed and the largest one, Long Crag is nine acres. This lake varies in depth and supports a wide variety of insect & fly life. Both lakes are stocked regularly with Brown, Blue & Rainbow trout to twenty pounds.

    Thrunton caters for disabled anglers with a road around both lakes to a disabled platform and seats. There is also a separate disabled toilet at the lodge. The lodge is stone built and is very comfortable inside where anglers can buy hot food and drinks.

    The fishery has opened its own two bed roomed holiday cottage which is furnished to a high specification. With the lakes only a two minutes walk away the cottage is an ideal location for fishing & exploring all of north and mid Northumberland.

  • Whinney Loch

    The Whinney, as it is affectionately known, is located in a picturesque secluded valley near Coldingham which is close to Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders. The loch is owned and managed by Ted and Tina Wise, along with Margaret another family member. This team have a tremendous vision, and have developed the four acre site into a “must fish” still water.

    Ted and Tina have a lifetime of knowledge and experience in all aspects of game fishing management. They have reared their own brown trout for many years. The loch is also stocked regularly with rainbows and blue trout.

    Numbers of rods tend to be restricted to twelve, and only floating lines with one fly are the rules, unless conditions dictate otherwise, (anglers are informed of any alterations on arrival). The lodge is always immaculate with a number of coffee tables and a host of facilities. There is free tea and coffee, a microwave and cooker to heat meals, crockery,

    cutlery, and an adjoining toilet block with hand basin and shower. No Environment

    Agency Rod Licence is required to fish here.

    Whinney Loch also has accommodation available, please contact the fishery direct to enquire.

    Always ring & book in advance.

  • Coldingham Loch

    Coldingham Loch is a stunning, natural 22 acres, spring fed loch that lies adjacent to the east coast in the Scottish Borders. This loch is one of Scotland’s oldest fisheries and is stocked with hard fishing rainbow, blue and brown trout.  Fishing is available from boats, the bank or wading.  Always book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Anglers can wade or book one of the several boats that are available.  The fishery is run by Gareth and Carmel, who make anglers most welcome and are always there with helpful fishing tips and advice.

  • Langley Dam

    Langley Dam is a fourteen acre still water located in beautiful countryside eight miles west of Hexham in the west of the county.

    This fishery offers boat, bank and wading opportunities to fly fish. Bank anglers are restricted to twenty five rods and there are five boats available for hire.

Large Still Waters

All these Northumbrian Water Reservoirs need an Environment Agency Rod Licence to fish.

  • Derwent Reservoir

    Derwent Reservoir

    For guests staying in the Southern part of the region, Derwent Reservoir offers an excellent opportunity for some quality fly fishing. The reservoir itself is 1000 acres and is situated 5 miles west of Consett in an area of outstanding natural beauty of the Northern Pennines.

    There is 6 miles of bank fishing, but there are no boats to fish from. Northumbrian Water stock the reservoir well and it has a deserved reputation as a venue for good fishing. The lodge provides tickets but also incorporates a shop where anglers can buy a very good selection of tackle. The shop also provides snacks and drinks.

  • Kielder Reservoir

    Kielder Reservoir

    The mighty Kielder is situated in the west of Northumberland, 12 miles to the west of Bellingham village.

    This is the largest reservoir covering 2,700 acres, and it has 20 miles of bank to fish from! There are 15 boats that can be hired. The water reaches depths of 55 metres, but most of the trout are found close to the shore. The reservoir is stocked regularly and offers good sport for rainbows and brown trout.

    Kielder water itself is the centre for a multitude of activities and attracts visitors from near and far.

  • Fontburn Reservoir

    Fontburn Reservoir

    Fontburn Reservoir is found in mid-Northumberland, close to the Simonside Hills and just a few miles south of Rothbury. This reservoir is 87 acres and has a maximum depth of 25 metres. There is bank fishing for rainbows and browns which are stocked from the onsite fish farm.

    The lodge is quite small but provides snacks, hot drinks and a variety of fishing tackle.

  • Westwater Angling

    Westwater Angling is a trout water fly fishing club with private access to two superb, large and tranquil lakes, each of some 125 acres, at Hallington, just a quiet few miles east of the A68, and north of Corbridge in Northumberland. Regularly stocked with hard fighting, fully finned Rainbow Trout, and Brown Trout, these waters offer the angler, novice or expert, something different, something quieter, a haven away from the time pressure, competitiveness and sometimes crowded atmosphere of day ticket, fish by the hour, venues.

    Bob can take clients to Hallington Lakes for tuition but only twice in any one season.

    Web site: http://www.westwaterangling.co.uk/


  • The River Coquet

    Bob has a number of private beats on this river where he can take people to fish for Brown Trout or migratory fish. Bob is also a member of the Northumberland Federation of Anglers. Being being born in Amble, at the mouth of the Coquet, Bob has a lifetime association with the river.

    The Coquet has a long tradition for being a good salmon & sea trout river, especially in the last few months of the season.


    Salmon: Feb 1st to Oct 30th

    Sea Trout: Apr 3rd to Oct 30th

    Brown Trout: Mar 22nd to Sept 30th

  • River Till

    The River Till is found in North Northumberland and is also a tributary of the Tweed. It too is governed by the Tweed Commissioners and the Tweed Angling Code, so no Environment Agency licence is required to fish this river. Please read the Angling Code before fishing.

    This river has a well established reputation as a sea trout & salmon river, but it also has a very good numbers of brown trout. Fishing for Grayling can be done throughout the winter after the closing of the salmon season on the last day of November.


    Salmon: Feb 1st to Nov 30th

    Sea Trout: Feb 1st to Nov 30th

    Brown Trout: Mar 15th to Oct 6th (with most beats /clubs fishing from Apr 1st to Sept 30th – please check before fishing ).

    Grayling fishing taking place during the salmon close season.