• hardygreys

23rd November 2015
10:54 am

First Snow!

I travelled up to Chatton last week as it was the Ladies Club AGM and I wanted to see Paul Little about a reel. As I came over the top of the hill after leaving the A1 there is a super view across to the Cheviots. The top of The Cheviot and Hedgehope were covered with the white stuff, the first snow of the winter that I had seen! Quite surprising really as lots of days recently have been so mild.
After talking to Paul and entering the lodge the AGM meeting had just concluded and they were tackling up for a fishing session. I set up my rod too and off I went along one of the arms of Chatton lake. Fifth cast the line tightened and a rainbow of two pounds had taken my weighted nymph pattern. I changed the fly and walked up to Ross Lake. No offers there to my small patterns although anglers were catching trout regularly on bigger lures and intermediate lines which get the flies down into the deeper water. It was a little windy so I dropped back down to Chatton Lake were I saw fish rising and feeding from the surface. Off came the weighted fly and on went several dry fly patterns over the next thirty minutes. Although the fish kept rising every now and then, it did not look at any of the patterns I cast. It was good fun, but quite frustrating, when you know the trout is there but it ignores your offerings!!
I returned to the lodge for lunch where there was all sorts of offerings, ladies day! Which I could not refuse!! The ladies had a good time catching fish on all sorts of flies and it was great to hear the laughing around the lake as they hooked into fish. Some of the guys take the fishing so seriously me thinks. For some it is all about catching dozens of trout, for others it is about catching big trout and for some of us it is all about being there and enjoying the experience. Catching fish is a bonus and sometimes we learn more about fishing when we don’t catch!
I had to cancel some tuition this week because of the weather conditions. Two youngsters were booked to have a lesson with me, but it was so windy and wet I could not see them enjoying the session in those conditions. Rather than them not enjoying the time and possibly dampening their enthusiasm and interest we rescheduled for another time.
Thrunton Long Crag report some good catches this week. I called in as I was passing and met a very good angler friend just leaving. It was his very first visit to Thrunton and he said how much he had enjoyed it. He had only fished the main lake using only dry flies on the surface. The first fish to his net was a lovely seven/ eight pound brown trout which was in superb condition. Another eight trout had been netted and several others had been missed. The fishery report anglers recording bags of sixteen fish which included several trout over the ten pound mark. One rod had two fish over ten pounds in the same session!
Successful flies at Thrunton Long Crag this week have been Hoppers, F Flies,Bloodworm and Black Rabbit.
Although the winter is approaching I still have three coaching sessions booked in this week and two fishing meeting to prepare for. No rest for the wicked as they say!!
The power of the internet must get a mention too. An air mail letter arrived from The Gulf the other day. A lady who is living out there at the moment wanted two of my vouchers for relations who live in Lincolnshire. They are required for Christmas presents and I was asked to mail them to her sister in law who also lives in Lincolnshire. They have been posted off and I expect they have been delivered by now. The breakdown of hits on my website from Google shows me not only how much time people spend on individual pages within the site but all the locations that hits come from. The list of countries is extensive and includes Russia, China, Brazil, as well as Australia and many countries from Europe. The breakdown of cities within the U.K. that people look at the website from is also interesting. I suppose it is the retired Geography teacher in me that sparks the interest!!