• hardygreys

28th September 2015
10:54 am

Autumn Arrives!

Yesterday week saw the end of the river trout fishing for the 2015 season. Salmon fishing continues until the end of October in England and until the end of November for the Tweed and its tributaries. From all reports the local rivers have had a less than average season up until now. With the prospect of anti cyclonic conditions predicted until the weekend the chances of improved catches are remote. I was on the Coquet trout fishing this week and the river bed stones are covered and wading is difficult. Anglers are praying for a prolonged period of heavy rain so the rivers can have a good lift. This will get the migratory fish moving, bring fresh fish into the rivers and also clean the river bed. Fingers crossed!!
What a week for Thrunton Long Crag fishery! Two clubs visited, Fishing for Everyone and The Weardale Fly Fishers. Both clubs had a good time with the best four fish bag for the Weardale club weighing fourteen pounds two ounces and their heaviest fish was six pounds two ounces.
A number of heavy double figure trout were recorded this week too. Eight trout topped the ten pound mark, with one angler catching one over fourteen pounds and another over eleven pounds. The heaviest trout of the week weighed seventeen pounds two ounces. As well as those already mentioned there were another two fourteen pound plus another two at ten pounds.
I have been fishing Thrunton today with my mate Jimmy. We started in Long Crag and fished for a while without anything happening. I moved around to where there was more weed and immediately hooked a good trout. It took all my fly line and about fifteen yards of backing line from my reel so I began to think it was a double figure fish. It made several good runs before I saw it near the surface. It was obviously a decent fish but nowhere near ten pounds. Looking at it in the net I estimated the Rainbow would be near seven pounds, but no heavier than that. Two cast later, using the same small green buzzer, I hooked another fish which would be around the four pound mark.
I moved up to the top lake, Coe Crag, and began fishing there. Some trout were feeding on the surface so off came the buzzer and I replaced it with a Black and Peacock Spider pattern. The Spider began to sink slowly and when I tried to speed up retrieving it, the line went tight and a two pound trout came to my net. Time for lunch! After a nice sausage and egg sandwich I went back to Coe Crag but the spider pattern did not tempt any trout. I took the spider pattern off and put on a size sixteen river pattern bug with a tiny bead on the head. First cast, using a slow retrieve, fish on! It was not very big but it put up a spirited fight. In my net I saw it was a Brown Trout about one and a half pounds. Next cast another Brown Trout,about the same size. Next cast another fish, this time it was a Rainbow about two and a half pounds! Three fish in three casts, time to change the fly! I put a black buzzer on, the same size as the last fly, and landed two more Rainbows in twenty minutes. It was a good day and Jimmy landed four decent trout too.
Last week I was at Chatton twice, coaching Amanda and a session for myself. Amanda had always wanted to try fly fishing and she picked it up quickly in the two hours we had on the water. The wind did not help, but she still managed to get a decent line out and hook three fish. More lessons on the menu she said with a broad smile on her face. Off for a quick sleep before starting work at 4am were her last words before driving off!!
During my session, on a different day, I fished Ross Lake to begin with and after trying several patterns I put on a black buzzer. A cracking six pound trout gobbled it up and sped off down the lake. I eventually mastered it and released it carefully back to the lake. I tried a variety of colours, sizes and patterns but it did not seem to matter, the trout just wanted to eat. Four more fish to the net, all about three pounds, and a good scrap from each of them. Happy days!!
More time for myself this week so I can fish the last days of the trout season on the river. Which river is the question, Coquet, Till, Tyne or Tweed, tell you next week!