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10th November 2016
10:03 am

First White Stuff

I was coaching Martin at Chatton last Saturday and the tops of the Cheviots were white when the cloud lifted! At the fishery we were peppered regularly with very heavy sharp showers and stinging hailstones.

Martin had just retuned from Tanzania the previous day, so he was finding the temperature change interesting!! Martin had fished before, but never fly fished. He was very keen and asked numerous questions as I covered types of tackle, balancing rods, reels and lines, different groups of flies and the development of the fishery!

We went up to Dunnydeer Lake and covered Roll and Overhead Casting. Martin picked up the techniques quickly and was soon shooting the fly line out further. Martin played a nice trout which was tempted with a Buzzer pattern. Playing a fish for the first time is not easy, as trying to keep a steady pressure on the fish when retrieving and then when the fish swims off at a rapid rate of knots. Keeping the line too tight results in a snapped nylon leader, or allowing any slack line results in the barbless hook becoming detatched from the trout!! Anyway the trout got away which puzzled Martin.

After a bacon and egg sandwich we tried again in Chatton Lake. I changed the fly to a weighted size twelve Pheasant Tail Nymph and Marin continued to fish. Each cast he let the fly sink a further five seconds so it was fishing deeper with each cast. Once the fly was allowed to sink fifteen seconds the line was slowly retrieved. The fly was taken and Martin began playing the fish. This time he kept the rod tip high, and a steady pressure on the trout no matter how the trout swam or jumped. In the next thirty minutes Martin had two fish on the bank, and returned another trout to the lake. I must admit the concentration on Martins face was a picture when he was playing the trout. He could not believe how hard they could fight once they were hooked!!

I had an interesting day with my website designers in Berwick one day. They are great at keeping my website up todate and almost every week add additional photographs to my gallery page. It was time for the annual check up on the site so we looked at everything in detail. I came away with a lot of work to do. I need to update the text and go through and select new photographs for each page. I take photographs nearly every time I am coaching ,so according to the camera there are approximately FIFTEEN HUNDRED to choose from. Keep an eye on my site www.bobsmithflyfishing.co.uk in the next few weeks to see the changes.

I took Jim coaching one day and he had a really good day weatherwise. It was sunny with a super blue sky, but it was decidedly cool. Jim was switched off and was amazed at how quickly the session passed. Jim caught and landed a trout within a couple of hours of casting his first fly line. I am always pleased to see anyone enjoy fly fishing, look so relaxed and want to continue with such a terrific sport.

A few weeks ago I mentioned The Trout Ticklers who were fishing at Thrunton Long Crag. It is almost twenty years since I started the club but I think it is brilliant to say the some of the early adult members such as Lance Burton, Sid Dixey and Bob Crook are still giving their time as committee members to ensure the youngsters continue to enjoy the experience of fly fishing. I can not praise these guys enough for all the help and enthusiasm they have given to the hundreds of youngsters that have passed through the club. Can I say a sincere thank you from myself and my mate Alan for all the work you did to help the Trout Ticklers while we were there!

Thrunton anglers have had a mixture of conditions to master to connect with fish this past week. However bags of high teens of trout have been recorded at times, as well as some heavy weights too. Rainbows of seventeen, and fifteen and a half pounds were brought to the landing nets. Brown trout too are making an appearance, the best of which turned the scales to eight pounds!
Chatton fishery reports the fish have been mainly in the top four feet of the lakes. Trout have been taking all types of patterns at different times during the week. Large bags of trout have been caught as well as a fourteen pound and a ten and a half pound trout being caught.